A Spot For Veterans Answers the Call

A Spot For Veterans Answers the Call

Join America’s First Online Veterans Marketplace

We are proud to announce the launch of A Spot For Veterans, a one-of-a-kind online marketplace established exclusively for Veteran-owned businesses. Any U.S. Veteran can set up a uniquely branded storefront and add unlimited products or services to sell to a nationwide audience. Better yet, Veterans keep 100% their sales, paid instantly, and get increased exposure for their business by sharing audiences with the community of other Veterans on the site. 

Why Was A Spot For Veterans Created?

Our journey with A Spot For Veterans started in 2022 when we met Greg Zilioli and learned about his Aurora, IL–based nonprofit A Call To Shoulders. During a tour of his workshop, we discovered the invaluable work he does for Veterans by setting up workshops to teach them how to make hand-turned goods. He then helps them sell the products and work toward buying their own tools and machines to continue producing. His biggest struggle has been finding a way for the Veterans to bring their finished products to market. To meet this need and support his mission, A Spot For Veterans was born.

How Does it Work?

To set up a storefront, Veterans submit their DD214 or Veteran ID Card (VIC) information to authenticate their status. They also select their branch of service, which populates their storefront with a branch-specific badge, so shoppers know who they are supporting. Storefront owners then can add business logos, a storefront banner image, and all the products and/or services they desire. Veterans then share their storefront everywhere and sell to supporters all over the country. 

Opening a storefront costs $19.99/month with no contracts. Of special note, each month, A Spot For Veterans gives back a portion of all the monthly membership revenue to different organizations that work with Veterans. 

Who Can Be Involved?

If you are a Veteran and offer services or make products to sell, you can become a vendor today. If you are not a Veteran, you can share this opportunity with Veterans you know and you can browse and shop all the amazing products being added to the site every day. If you have an organization that works with Veterans, connect with us to learn about our monthly donation program. Anyone also can become a sponsor of A Spot For Veterans to help the mission and give back to those who have served.


Although we are not veterans ourselves, we have family members who are. Because of the sacrifice of all our country’s Veterans, we can do what we do, so we wanted to create something that honors and benefits all Veterans nationwide. We invite you to start shopping from and supporting Veterans at www.aspotforveterans.com.

Learn more about the benefits of owning a storefront at www.spotsinitiatives.com/a-spot-for-veterans/vendor-benefits or open and set up your Veteran-owned storefront today at www.aspotforveterans.com/join-asfv. If you’d like to support A Spot For Veterans, visit www.aspotforveterans.com/support-asfv. For sponsor and advertising opportunities, visit www.aspotforveterans.com/sponsor-asfv.

For more information, contact:

Kiel & Ana Tredrea



Send us a message: https://aspotforveterans.com/contact-support

Book a short informational call at www.calendly.com/teamtredrea/asfv


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